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A big hello from our training facilitators in JHB

Taryn-lee Kearney here – a major Training enthusiast!

As founder of aHa Training and Development, I am proud to have developed a business that educates and empowers others through skills development. From a young age, I have always had this desire to help people, may it be from helping a friend with homework they didn’t understand to helping a friend overcome a challenge in order to pursue their dreams. My passion is people!

I strongly believe and trust in people’s abilities, they just sometimes need a nudge and an AWESOME reminder of how great they can be!

My greatest yearning as a skills development facilitator is to motivate individuals to; never stop learning!

Here’s some extra juicy things about me..

I absolutely am addicted to travel, food and romantic comedy movies (loads of popcorn is necessary).

Like to think I am a kickass mother to an incredible energetic daughter and wife to an upcoming pilot (for now successful Entrepreneur).

There is something about colours that absolutely excites me, especially when I see pictures of Morocco (my dream destination), shhh… no one knows but I love to belly dance – been watching some YouTube tutorials! Watch this space! LOL

Taryn-Lee Kearney Founder of Aha Training and Development

Lynn Vermaak (Chief Innovations Officer)

Lynn started her career as a social worker in Mamelodi and graciously progressed her career and joined the CSIR CiLLA academy (Centre for Innovation, Leadership and Learning Academy). There she was responsible for the facilitation of various training programmes, including the CSIR monthly onboarding programme, mentoring programme, creativity and innovation training, team building, research and innovation core skills programme, and she assisted with the SLP (Science Leadership Programme). She developed various training material such as Facilitation Training Skills, Creativity and Innovation Training, Whole Brain Thinking for Success, Onboarding Programme, Career Management and Success, and Team Work for Researchers, Scientists and Technologists. She facilitated various teambuilding sessions, ideation sessions, strategic sessions, as well as Thinking Preference Profiles for career development and team building.

Here’s some extra juicy things about HER..

She then started her own conference facility with a focus on the facilitation of ideation, strategy, training and team building sessions. She is one of the team members of Aha Training and Development, where she enjoys working with her eldest daughter, Taryn-lee, who shares her passion of making a difference in the world.

During this period she has completed various projects, trained on diverse topics and facilitated various strategy and ideation sessions.  She also facilitated and designed team building sessions.

Her passion lies in creativity and innovation programmes, ideation, training and development, facilitation, team building, and the development and design of training curricula.

“Team work is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results.”

– Andrew Carnegie

Our skills development facilitators


Aha Training and Development ensures that facilitators are experts in their fields, we provide each client with their full curriculum vitae before training commences to ensure great customer satisfaction.


The CEO Taryn-lee Kearney is constantly measuring and monitoring facilitators, to ensure that high quality training is achieved with the latest research and industry trends.

want to work with us?

Any opportunity for our team to grow or open doors to new possibilities, we are always keen! We love to connect with like-minded people and brainstorm for new ideas! Please contact us if you want to join our facilitator’s team or propose an awesome joint venture

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